Worship Leader

Rick discovered his love for music and its power in his spiritual life at a young age. His parents led a singing group at a Christian high-school and toured the east coast performing at churches, schools and events – Rick was always either on the front row or in the sound booth singing along.

In high school, Rick learned guitar and began leading worship at his high school and local church, meeting some great mentors along the way that helped him develop. Rick continued to lead worship and discovered his sense of calling in worship leading while in college. He also met his now wife, Andrea (Robson) who sang frequently with him and leads worship with him to this day!

After finishing his time at college in 2008, Rick and Andrea moved to San Francisco, CA where he served as worship pastor at the Hillside Community Church. A year later, they moved to Columbia, MD where Rick served as worship pastor at New Hope Adventist Church.

Currently, Rick is an admissions counselor and ministry coordinator at his alma mater, Southern Adventist University. He loves the opportunity to mentor young people, particularly worship leaders – and help them discover their own calling! He also leads worship with at his home church regularly, Hamilton Community Church as well as at Rock Point Community Church, a North Point Community Church partner.

Rick has written blogs for worship leaders, pastors and musicians that can be found at rickandersonjr.blogspot.com. His work has also been published in digital formats by the North-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.