Connect with Rick

Hi! I’m glad you found my site. I’m a marketing Rick1and communications professional that is constantly seeking personal development and growth.

Currently, I am the Associate Director of Admissions at Southern Adventist University and enjoy the face-to-face  counseling and coaching I have the privelege of conducting with prospective students and families, along with managing a team of 10 employees  that also work in recruitment roles. I assist those families through each stage of the enrollment journey; from awareness to their final decision. Using CRM, email marketing and analysis, purposeful phone interactions and other digital tools, I track and assist and prospective student pool of over 500 applicants, with the objective of enrolling about 150 each year. I have successfully met that goal each recruitment cycle.

I have a passion for using data-driven, content-rich marketing to serve clients through each stage of their process. Along with my work experience in admissions, I have received the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification.